ATLANTA ORTHODONTICS makers of The ART* Auxiliary
****** The Anterior Root Torquing Auxiliary ******
Atlanta Orthodontics manufactures and markets the ART* Auxiliary for maxillary and mandibular anterior root torquing. This unique, patented auxiliary efficiently provides any degree of labial or lingual torque by simply inserting it above or below the archwire in most multi-bracketed techniques. Its many benefits include: providing excellent mandibular anchorage, the ability to easily overcorrect and faster tooth movement. We plan to build this website to provide complete information on the use of the ART* but in the meantime please contact us for literature, to place orders or just to talk about torque. Please visit our exhibit booth #626 at the American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting at San Diego in April 2017. Thank you, James & Pat Reeve. *ART is a registered trademark.

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